Andy Demi

Head Trader

Andy Demi is the Head Trader for London Trading Group, where he is managing a team of experienced traders as well as handling a multi-million pound portfolio. He is a BSc graduate of Economics, holds an MSc in International Securities, Investment and Banking, as well as attaining the professional Investment Management Certificate (IMC).

Starting out in the industry in 2001, Andy Demi had the opportunity to immerse himself in the markets whilst working with institutions including JP Morgan, Schroders and Barclays Global Investors. He brings with him over a decade of professional trading experience in Equities, Futures and FX markets, as well as numerous years of experience mentoring and educating students and traders alike.

He is considered an expert in technical analysis as well as having a thorough grasp of macro factors influencing markets.

Alberto Palotta

Senior Quantitative Trader

Alberto started his trading career within the financial industry 15 years ago, beginning by trading stocks; through his tenure in the industry he has achieved some incredible feats. Alberto is an engineering graduate, possessing a Masters in Financial Mathematics, and is a Fitch Certified Quant.

During his career he has built strategies for several financial institutions, including complex quantitative option pricing models, and volatility forecasters. He has a wealth of institutional experience at various Hedge Funds and Prop Houses, and is currently acting as an advisor for two London based hedge funds. He also is involved in research that is investigating the feasibility of using Artificial Intelligence in trading.

Alberto engages in both algorithmic and discretionary trading. He trades options, futures and ETFs (the latter which he also invests in). Due to his expertise, credentials and his passion for teaching, Alberto is frequently asked to be a guest lecturer in several universities. Including Middlesex University, Warwick University and London Metropolitan University.

Nuno Nascimento Rodrigues

Senior Trader

Nuno started as a successful entrepreneur, with key expertise in the cork industry, he managed family cork forest properties for many years. Following this, Nuno began his career trading the stock market, and has since accumulated over a decade of professional trading experience. His trading began with an emphasis on CFD’s on indexes in a swing trading perspective, including DAX and S&P. Following this Nuno used and developed automated systems in Metastock software for mid term trend swings. In 2008, during the peak of the market, he began trading futures on indexes.

Nuno then changed his trading focus onto indexes and commodities in a swing trading perspective whilst managing his own funds. From 2015, Nuno began to trade Fx in short term perspectives of 1 to 6 day positions. His technical analysis focussed on support and resistance, the use of momentum oscillators to confirm key levels for entries, the use of Fibonacci cycles to reveal confluence at key levels, and the use of compound money management strategies to increase or decrease risk position size; he also used fundamental data to support the idea generation that was confirmed from his technical analysis. Nuno presents his trading strategies daily on the London Trading Group ‘Live Mentoring Room’, where he teaches Students his techniques and psychology to flourish in the markets as he does.

Anna Neville

Senior Trader

Anna has achieved over twenty-years experience of management at a senior level in regards to Business and Sales development. Anna career has seen her working for multinational companies, including Indesit, Moulinex and Brandt, and across a range of multicultural environments – from Russia, to Brazil, Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom. Anna is also a specialist in senior account management and has a flair for Educational product development.

Anna has years of trading experience under her belt and boasts the ability to trade a wide range of asset classes at a high level. However she primarily focusses her trading on the Forex and Futures Markets. Anna joined the London Trading Group in 2015 to enhance her Trading knowledge in Fx, and has since progressed to a Senior Level Trader.

Mikhail Kyriakou

Junior Trader

Mikhail attained a BA (Hons) in English Literature from the University of Sussex. Despite his background in the arts, Mikhail was able to break into the financial markets industry after taking the Career Trading Programme with the London Trading Group where he excelled within the course beyond the expectations of his mentors.

Mikhail has a strong understanding of the FX markets, which he attained by placing a strong focus in both fundamental and technical analysis across the major and minor currency pairs, commodities and stock indices. He also provides weekly analysis reports for the team. Now Mikhail is in the process of diversifying his trading book to include other securities and trading methods including Options, Futures and Algorithmic Trading.

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