Live Mentoring Room

Our LIVE! mentoring room is where we put our money where our mouth is — by providing you with education insights in the live markets…

Duration: Daily Monday – Friday
Programme Fee: £99 per month
Pre-requisites: None
Attendance: Online

Broadcast LIVE! from our office in the City of London, our innovative software allows you to follow our head trader Andy Demi as he mentors you through live market opportunities, navigating the morning sessions with his own capital.

Whether you are a beginner, professional trader or part time trader, this is an opportunity to learn from a real trader with proven strategies and a track record of proven results. With over 15 years experience managing funds for institutions and investors, you now have the chance to watch over his shoulder and learn how he thinks, what he’s trading and most importantly — why he’s trading it.

The online floor runs through the London Session (7am to 9.30 am). However, if the markets are moving outside these hours and there are high quality trading opportunities, we will be right there with you.

Even if you can’t attend the LIVE sessions, a recording is sent to each member once the session concludes, enabling you to review at your own pace – An invaluable resource for any trader!

Markets covered, 27 currency pairs, Gold, Crude Oil, Stock Indexes such as S&P 500, crypto currencies such as bitcoin and any student requests.

  • Learn from some of the best traders in the industry by subscribing to our living mentoring room