Elite Traders Club

Whether you are brand new to Forex Trading or a seasoned professional, The Elite Traders Club is the ideal solution for traders of any ability to view the markets through the lens of professional traders…

Free-Trial Duration15 DaysProgramme Fee£99 per monthPre-requisitesNoneAttendanceOnline

Produced in our office in the City of London, our innovative programme allows you to follow our team of Senior Traders as they navigate through live market opportunities, seeking to take advantage of them with our own capital.

Whether you are a beginner, professional trader or a part time trader, this is an opportunity to follow real traders with proven strategies and a track record of proven results. With over 15 years’ experience managing funds for institutions and investors, you have the ability to watch over their shoulders to learn how they think, what they’re looking to trade and most importantly — why they’re looking to trade it.


Membership in the Elite Traders Club brings you:

  • Professional monthly & weekly reports with technical and fundamental outlooks
  • A Proprietary filter for identifying the strongest and weakest currencies for the week, without even needing to view a chart!
  • Advanced, extensive technical analysis behind every trade!
  • The precise logic behind why a trading opportunity might be considered, and why one might not be
  • Perspective and insights from multiple Senior Traders, including our CEO and Head Trader, Andy Demi
  • Special Members-Only offers, discounts, and other bonuses on Personal Coaching, Education, Funding, and Indicators!

Markets covered, 27 currency pairs, Gold, Crude Oil, Stock Indexes such as S&P 500, crypto currencies such as bitcoin and any member request.

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